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Adorned with vibrant deserts, majestic forts, desert safaris, and more, Bikaner is a blooming beauty in the Thar Desert. It is beautifully bejeweled with gigantic and spectacular forts and palaces that tell the world about the opulence and grandeur of its rulers. Such strong and massive forts that even after construction of so many years, stood tall intact and withstood the passage of time. Encompassed by the vast rhythmic stretches of sand dunes, Bikaner is truly a vibrant and colorful oasis in the midst of a beautiful and barren desert. From majestic forts and regal palaces to bustling market streets and small multi-hued mud-houses, every aspect of this city is filled with vigor and verve to see in Bikaner Sightseeing Tour.

Established in the early 15th century, Bikaner in Rajasthan is among the most recognized gem of the Rajput tradition. It has been named after its founder, Prince Rao Bikaji of the Rathore dynasty. Nurturing its rich traditions over the years, Bikaner is one of the rare cities that have managed to retain a bond with its roots. Its cultural legacy lures travelers to this medieval desert town.

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Bikaner Tour Packages

Breeding ground for some of the best riding camels in the world, Bikaner is aptly named as the ‘ camel country’. Bikaner is situated in the northern region of Rajasthan and is a popular tourist destination tourists make sure to explore when visiting Rajasthan. As with other major destinations in Rajasthan, Bikaner tourism draws inspiration from its rich and opulent past that can be easily inferred from the magnificent palaces, forts, and lakes peppered all over the region that withstood the passage of time. The city of Bikaner is also famous for the cascading sand dunes that scattered is throughout the district.


Things To Do In Bikaner

Bikaner is a vibrant city known for famous tourist attractions that enthrall and captivate the visitors. The legendary Junagarh Fort is an impenetrable citadel that holds the distinction of having never been captured by invaders

Bikaner Tours and Packages

Bikaner also hosts some of the most vibrant and lively fairs and festivals one can be part of in Rajasthan. The Kolayat Fair at Bikaner is one the most-awaited event that draws crowds in large numbers. For tourists, the fair offers a firsthand glimpse of the vivacious Rajasthani culture and traditions.

Hotels in Bikaner

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Bikaner Car Rental Service

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