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Introduction with Elephants & their keepers

Feeding the Elephants

Washing & Scrubbing the Elephants

Painting the Elephant

Elephant Safari

Jaipur, the admirable Pink City as it is called, implies such a hub of culture and hospitality that you get to witness right after you step into the city. The eye-pleasing views of this old city consist of forts, palaces and ancient buildings that are sure to hold you spellbound and think about the divinity of the history. 

Elephant village in Jaipur, surrounded by the Aravali mountain range, provides you with the scope to witness a location which is the inhabitation of the families who take care of Elephants. If you are an elephant lover and spending a day with animals seems to be a thumbs up, this activity is a must for you which includes several fun-filled elements within.

The package lets you make friends with the Elephants and feed them with some sugarcane or bananas. The fun-filled day begins with the shower session where you watch them getting playful in the pond & later you scrub them with love when they come out of water. A fascinating fact about elephants is elephant keepers take pride keeping their Elephants well-groomed & decorated. You also get a chance to paint the giant creatures with your hands with 100% natural colours which are completely non-toxic and harmless. Besides, if you wish, you can enjoy an Elephant Safari and ride on them. 

The Elephants Activities package in Jaipur is inclusive of the assistance of experienced guide who would introduce you to the elephants. The package takes care of the utmost safety measures of the participants and you can be reluctant with the animals.

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    Elephant Activities in Jaipur - Elephant Ride in Jaipur

    Welcome to the dreamlike nature trail of elephant ride in Jaipur through the serene ambiance. Spending time with these elegant elephants in Jaipur presents you and your kids soul-soothing experiences for life. 

    Meeting & Introduction

    It’s an unforgettable experience where clients get to interact with the elephants as well as they get a chance to have a closer meeting with them.

    In this package, we provide you an elephant for riding with our trained Mahout who guides you with your riding and make your ride amazing.


    Learn how to create a painting on an Elephant. Take on the brushes and colors and show the hidden painter inside you. And if you are not a great painter, don’t worry we will help you to make your painting great. Painting is also a great art so don’t miss it. Elephants will also love it. Move your steps forward to do friendship with Elephants.

    We use 100% natural colors which are completely non-toxic and harmless. So don’t worry about elephants, nothing will harm them.


    Enjoy the riding tour on Elephant through the areas surrounding in our Farmhouse. Spent you time by riding on Elephant and enjoying nature around you.

    In this package, we provide you an elephant for riding with our trained Mahout who guides you with your riding and make your ride amazing.


    Ever imagine bathing with an Elephant. If not, then just do it. Play with Elephants and give them a shower. Elephants will love it, and make your trip more memorable.

    Bathing in clean and cold water in the beauty of nature with an elephant is a very rare activity which is provided exclusively by us. Here you can get a joyful experience of bathing and washing the elephants in a pool specially made for elephants.

    We will help you to bath and play with Elephants in water. Elephants also love water and want to play with you. So don’t wait, start playing with Elephants and start making new friends. This will make your journey more memorable

    In daytime you can wash and play with Elephants in water under our guidance.


    Elephants like to eat, especially if you have a banana. The next favorite on the list is Sugar Cane. Elephants can feed for hours without interruption!! have a big appetite.

    In our garden, we give you information about what and how we feed them with what special ingredients we provide to defeat the heat. Because of their size, they can absorb food from the ground to tall trees.

    They can even use the stems to produce fruit that cannot be reached by other species. They are very smart in terms of getting food. You will not leave this food source and let other animals come with you.

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